North Carolina Cracking Down on Unemployment Benefits Fraud

While North Carolina's unemployment benefits program may not provide households with a large amount of money weekly, the law is clear that you must be unemployed to receive them.

Given the Employment Security Commission's funding issues, it's no surprise that the state would crack down on people who are allegedly drawing unemployment benefits while working on the side.

Three Morganton residents were recently charged with continuing to receive ESC benefits while employed. One is charged with earning over $20,000 working for a temp agency while still receiving ESC benefits.

As Chuck Brown of the ESC explains, “Unemployment benefits are designed for people trying to reconnect with the workforce.”

Providing false information to the Employment Security Commission is a misdemeanor punishable by a sentence of 45 days in jail. I am a North Carolina unemployment benefits attorney. I also handle criminal matters. If you or a loved one is charged with unemployment benefits fraud in North Carolina, contact me at (919) 886-5005 to discuss your legal options.